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Learning Disabilities Care

If your adult child has a learning disability, you are probably anxious to ensure they receive the best care. Sometimes families can feel conflicted about leaving a loved one with a new carer, and worried as to whether the carer will be able to understand and respond to their different needs.

At Managing Care, we understand all these concerns. We have a wealth of experience in working effectively with adults with learning disabilities, including:

  • Autism
  • Down’s syndrome
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • And many other complex needs.
We are fully aware that no one knows your adult child the way you do, and we recognize that they are an important individual with their own life to live. With that in mind, all our Learning Disabilities Support is tailored in close consultation with you and your family. Right from your initial assessment, we’ll take the time to find out all about your loved one – their needs, health, habits and preferences. Then, we’ll work closely with you to structure a unique care plan to perfectly fit their life – and yours.

For example we can assist with:
  • Helping your adult child to think about what they want in their life and be involved in the planning of their care if at all possible
  • Liaising with any other appropriate professionals as required by you and your family
  • Supervising your child’s health and safety as they undertake day to day activities
  • Helping your loved one to develop and stick to boundaries and routine – for example when to wash and eat, and physically assisting with these tasks if required by your child’s condition
  • Encouraging your adult child’s independence in a safe and responsible manner – for example helping them to get out and about and participate in activities or pursue any goals
  • Cooking, housekeeping and general errands
  • Prompting medication.

Spinal Cord Injury Support

We specialise in supporting adults with high-level spinal cord injuries.

Spinal cord injury is devastating for the 1,200 people who are paralyzed each year. Most become full-time wheelchair users. Managing Care’s philosophy is to enable clients with physical or long-term medical conditions to live as independently as possible at home by providing fully trained staff. We offer live-in or live out care and support. Our carers understand their role is to work under the direction of the client.

To ensure we meet the requirements of our clients we regularly review their needs. We maintain regular contact with our clients and supervising the service we deliver with spot checks. We seek feedback from clients and our carers to promote a culture of continuous improvement.

Managing Care will provide experienced carers who support you will get to know you as a person, so that you can enjoy doing things when you want to do them.

Our specialised team are trained and aware of the potential health problems and possible complications that may arise from paralysis, such as pressure ulcers. We provide expert support with mobility support and manual handling. Our carers attend regular in-house training and refresher programmes. We provide support and assistance for continence pads and the changing of catheter bags, and tracheostomy care. Our carers have an out of office hours contact number if there is an emergency situation.

Our carers are sometimes referred to as PA – Personal Assistants.

Home Care for Multiple Sclerosis, Brain and Motor Neuron Injuries

We understand the difficulties that a brain or nervous system injury can inflict upon a person, both in terms of daily life and their ongoing health. Multiple Sclerosis, motor neuron and brain injury all manifest in varied ways and require the utmost level of care. Sensory problems, wasting muscular strength, loss of balance and speech, increased fatigue, and a general impact on thought and emotion make these traumatizing and life-changing situations to be in.

Different people react differently to such diagnoses, from relief in knowing that there is a definite, known cause for the problems they are facing to shock at the sudden and life-altering consequences. Such reactions are completely natural. Our carers understand and empathise with the client’s situation, making them realise that a diagnosis of this nature does not necessarily spell the end of independence.

You are not alone. We are there for you.

Care for someone with cancer

We know that being diagnosed with cancer can be life-changing, both emotionally and otherwise. Our carers are sensitive to your needs at this important juncture of your life. We offer a comprehensive care plan, covering the following areas:

  • Everyday caring: This includes personal care such as washing, bathing, dressing, hair care, controlling pain and sleep problems.
  • Respite Care: We know that when you’re caring for someone full-time, it is very important to take breaks, or you might get stressed, resentful or even fall sick. We offer respite in such situations with our hourly care service.
  • Hospital Visits & Rehabilitation Support: For a person with cancer, routine visits to the hospital unfortunately become a part of life.