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Towergate’s inaugural Care Awards: Winners announced!

By: Esther| On: Friday, 11th March 2016

Well done Sabitha for winning the  Home Carer of the Year 2016.  

Sabitha started working as carer here at Managing Care since  2015 and we are very proud of the wonderful feedback we have received from all your clients ! She received a personalised award and gift voucher of £500. Thank you to Towergate insurance for all their support and hosting to such a wonderful event. It was a lovely personalised event and was wonderful to hear so many inspiring and humbling stories.

Esther Pfeiffer. Director of Managing Care Ltd; "Carers are some of the most inspirational people in this country and we are delighted that they are givien  an opportunity to be recognised"

More details on the awards;






Managing Care has been nominated for the Wandsworth Business Awards 2015

By: Esther| On: Thursday, 15th October 2015

Managing Care has been nominated for the Wandsworth Business Awards 2015 for Best Business for Training & Development

We're committed to developing a healthcare workforce of the highest quality.

We aim to develop future leaders equipped with the commitment, knowledge and skills to truly drive up standards of care for people with dementia” Esther Pfeiffer, Director Managing Care Ltd

At Managing Care we recognise the important of training those people involved in the care and support of people living with dementia – including for younger people with Dementia. We strive to provide healthy working environment where learners are able to operate and carry out their roles and responsibilities effectively thereby driving forward personal achievement and success. Managing Care is committed to developing and maintaining a culture of respect and wellbeing resulting in our carers that are healthy, confident and emotionally resilient.


The British Care Awards.

By: Esther| On: Thursday, 15th October 2015

Managing Care has been nominated for the 5th year running for the British Care Awards.

Congratulations!  We are delighted to hear our carers have been selected for the British Care Awards for the 5th year running. Managing Care are wishing the very best of luck to our carers on their interviews with the judges which takes place on Tuesday 20th October at London Marriott Hotel Regents Park, 128 King Henry's Rd,  London  NW3 3ST

Our Carers who have been nominated are;


Sophie Dolan 

The Dignity in Care Award

Andrea Perry

Home Care Worker

Louein Hercules 

The Great British Care Awards are a series of regional events throughout England and are a celebration  of excellence across the care sector . 

The purpose of the awards are to pay tribute to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding excellence within their field of work. 

Last year there were nine regional awards leading to two national finals for both the home care and care home sectors, to be held at The Grosvenor House Hotel, London in April and June 2014.

The awards are  all inclusive, bringing together the statutory, independent and voluntary sectors, aswell as unpaid carers; promoting joint working.  Working in partnership with care partners and

local care associations is at the heart of the initiative; working and linking directly with local managers and networks to further promote the event.

More details on;


Managing Care has a working relationship with Social Care Ltd

By: Esther| On: Thursday, 8th October 2015

Managing Care has a working relationship with Social Care Ltd to deliver all our training to our carers including the Care 

Certificate and Dementia training. Social Works Limited is registered with the Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC), the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) and Future Quals to deliver nationally accredited qualifications. For over 10 years Social Works we have been dedicated to helping improve the quality of care that people experience.

Esther Pfeiffer, Founder of Managing Care states;  “We are fortunate to have a committed training provider in Social Works Ltd.  Our trainer; Liezl du Toit is committed and helpful. We have so far have nothing but positive feedback from our carers.  Our new staff are coming in now with more confidence and happy to have a proper qualification under their belt. We look forward to our continued working relationship”.


Highest Quality of Care Insured

By: Esther| On: Monday, 20th July 2015

Managing Care newly launched Care Certificate ensures we maintain an outstanding level of home care

Managing Care has become first care provider in the UK to launch a credited Care Certificate, in partnership with Social Works. This will ensure all carers will be trained to an exceptional level of Care Quality Commission compliance.

All care providers in the UK, to comply with the Care Act 2014, have been given six months from the 01 April 2015 to introduce a Care Certificate. Under the Care Certificate requirements, individual carers must show clear evidence that they have competently met 15 specific standards; that they have been assessed for their skills, knowledge and behaviour; that their behaviour has been caring and compassionate and that the services they have delivered have been of a consistently high quality.

Care providers must show that they have delivered the appropriate training, maintained records of evidence and assessment, and ensured that all assessment decisions are auditable. A Care Certificate will only be awarded once all 15 areas have been met to the required standards.

We see it as an excellent opportunity to build a new first class learning platform to ensure that all Managing Care staff  is trained to a very high standard.

Esther Pfeiffer, Founder and Director at Managing Care states;

”We pride ourselves on ensuring all our carers are given the very best tools, information and resources so they can provide the best possible care. We welcome the fact that the Care Certificate will require all care providers to show much greater commitment to training their staff to high standards and promoting their clients’ overall well-being. To us, caring for vulnerable adults involves much more than simply completing tasks – it centres on choice, compassion, dignity and respect; and of ensuring that each individual can decide how they would like to be supported. “At Managing Care we always aim to significantly surpass the required national standards and we pride ourselves on going above and beyond usual expectations when we deliver care.”

What will care look like when the Care Act has taken hold?

By: Esther| On: Friday, 8th May 2015

At the heart of the legislation is a new “strengths-based” approach to assessments. As Esther Pfeiffer, Director at Managing Care Ltd explains, the starting point is a “what matters” conversation. “It’s not a case of ‘What do you need?’ or ‘What can we do for you?’. We turn it around and ask: ‘What matters to you?’ and ‘How can we help you to help yourself?’

Over recent years, there’s been a tendency to go straight from assessment to eligibility, with eligibility meaning funding. But the act is about assessing people’s needs in terms of how they live their life.”


5 Benefits of Home Care Services for your loved ones

By: Esther| On: Friday, 8th May 2015

Homecare services mean that your loved one doesn’t have to make many lifestyle changes to receive support and assistance they may need for aspects of day to day life. Support can be provided for as little as an hour or two a week, or it could be more intensive with a service like live-in care where a carer will be there around the clock. Here are 5 great benefits of homecare services:


1) Familiar Surroundings
The most important aspect of homecare services is that your loved one gets to remain in their own home. They will be able to continue to live as they are used to, surrounded by their own comforts, the neighbours they’ve known for years, where they hold cherished memories and where you and the family come to visit. This familiarity is especially important with conditions affecting memory loss like dementia.

2) More Independence
One of the main benefits of homecare services is keeping the independence your loved one has. Having homecare services doesn’t alter daily routines and your loved ones keep their independence, choosing to get up, eat, socialise and sleep when they want to. If your loved one chooses, a support worker can also assist with trips out if they like to live an active and social life.

3) Personalised Care
The care and support your loved one requires will be as individual as they are. With homecare services they will receive personalised care tailored to them, their requirements and how they live their day to day life. As homecare support is completely flexible, you or your loved one can change your mind and alter anything about their support when you wish.

4) Sharing Responsibility
For many people the first support and care they receive may be from their husband, wife or children. Many times those family members want to remain the main carer of a loved one, and with homecare services, support workers can share the responsibility of care with them. Carers can take on as much care of your loved one as wished; only stepping in to provide support when you want them to.

5) Adaptable Support
It is understandably difficult and sometimes even a bit embarrassing to accept help for aspects of day to day life. With homecare services your loved one can choose as little or as much support as they require. As they get more comfortable receiving assistance or if their needs change additional services can be easily added in the future. These may include things like such as extra support with personal care, housekeeping tasks or specialist care services required for those affected by dementia, or other long-term health conditions.

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